Engines - Gas

AjaxDP-230Used crankshaft or Ajax DP230, crankshaft journal diameter 7.25", crankshaft extension diameter 6"00782
Chrysler Industrial EngineInd 251Used 6 cylinder gasoline industrial engine00797
ListerHR2Used natural gas engine, 2 cylinders, altronic ignition, oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, c/w starter, impco carb, regulator, engine oil level switch gauge, complete hydraulic skid, built by Corod, July 198500531
OilwellE-20RCUsed Oilwell E20RC Natural Gas Engine, 6 1/4" Bore, 8" Stroke, 750 RPM, Electric Start, Magnito, Twin Disc, C110HP4, Clutch 13.6"01376
OilwellE15-RCUsed Oilwell E15-RC Natural Gas Engine, 6" Bore, 8" Stroke, 15hp, 750 RPM with C108HP5 Twin Disc 13.6" Clutch.01374
OilwellE20-RCUsed Oilwell E20-RC Natural Gas Engine, 20 HP, 6 1/4" Bore, 8" Stroke, 750 RPM, Twin Disk C110HP4 Clutch, 13.6"01375
OilwellF-42ARCUsed Oilwell F-42 natural gas pumpjack engine, c/w electric start, Fairbanks Morse magneto, Impco Carb, Murphy oil level switch, Twin Disc SP211HP clutch01400
OilwellE20RCUsed Oilwell E-20 RC single cylinder natural gas engine, Bore 6 1/4", stroke 8", 20 HP, PM 750, Lub oil 12 Qts, coolant 13 Qts, external mount screw on oil filter, Fairbanks Morse ignition, Naural gas caburator, flywheel guard01061
OilwellF-42ARCUsed gas engine, 42 HP, 1750 RPM, 8 3/4 bore, 8" stroke, lub oil capacity 16qts, coolant capacity 28 qts00718
OilwellF-42ARCUsed gas engine, 42 HP, 1750 RPM, bore 8 3/4, 8" stroke, lub oil capacity 16 qts, coolant capacity 28 qts00720
WaukeshaN/AUsed gas engine, c/w clutch00900
Waukesha6WAKUsed natural gas engine, inline 6, water cooled exhaust, manifold, radiator, shrouding, twin disc clutch, 7 groove sheave, industrial unit # WAKU10406P, unit # 12900400527
WaukeshaL-3711Used Waukesha L-3711 Natural Gas Engine, V12, Size 7.5 x 7, Govern Speed 1000LD, Air Starter, Farbanks Mores F800-C Electronic Ignition, Wood Ward Type UG-8 Governor, Murphy Matic Control Panel, Over Center Clutch, Murphy Vibration Switch, 96" x 8 1/2" Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.01168
WaukeshaVRG-135GUsed Waukesha VRG-135G natural gas engine, complete unitized engine package, electric start, Impco carb, radiator, alternator, muffler, air cleaner, shows 353 hours, c/w Twin Disc SPE-111HP2 industrial clutch, on engine rails 01426
WaukeshaXAH-264-BUsed natural gas engine, 572 RPM, 3 5/8 x 4.500553
WitteC-15RCUsed gas engine, 15 HP, 750 RPM, 6x8, block only, lube oil capacity 11 qts00200