Pumps & Parts - Centrifugal & Rotary

Allis ChalmersF4B2346Used centrifugal pump, 2x3, steel00642
Bowie33Used gear pump, 3x3, steel00586
Browne & SharpeNo. 1Used gear pump, c/w sheave00697
Browne & SharpeNo. 1Used gear pump, c/w sheave00698
Byron Jackson850VLT10 stageUsed vertical can pump, 3350 RPM, 180 GPM, 167 TDH in ft, c/w mechanical seal00459
CesscoTexas CarbideUsed AVR operated metering pump, s/o# 2325200351
Crumy Pump Co.PE-150-CUsed centrifugal pump00184
Dean3x4x11.5 PH231Used centrifugal pump, 3x4x11.5, material 50, stainless steel, 436 GPM @ 80TDH @ 1750 RPM, ansi# A40, 275 PSIG @ 100F max, impeller dia supplis 10.5" max 11.5", , c/w mechanical seal00383
Layne Bowler Pump Co.Vertical Can PumpUsed vertical can pump, burte-line pump,3570 RPM, 730 GPM, 1730' HD, Wilson equipment model # 8LT 600/10, # 214677, model SM-700, 11 stage, 316 ss, crown # 965400213
MCM2x3 CRHUsed centrifugal pump, 2x3, steel, 79617800640
Mission5x6RUsed centrifugal pump, 5x6R, 12" impeller, material C1, fig# C58 00-80, mfg 5/8000212
Mission5x6x14Used centrifugal pump,5x6x14, steel, on skid with Detroit engine and clutch, clutch- Rock Ford power take off, HSGI, clutch 14-9, engine - Detroit diesel 671, c/w air cleaner, muffler, air intake, circulating heater, gauges00659
Mission6X5X14Used Mission Magnum 6x5x14 Centrifugal Pump, Modular# A111B10C12D11EI 19121-A0-37, Impeller Diameter 14" Fluid End Material C1, Year 1979, Packed Stuffing Box01134
Northern Pump Ltd.1 1/4 x 1 1/4Used rotary pump, 1 1/4x 1 1/4, shaft extends on both sides, packing on both sides, thread ports00670
Robins Myers2E0FS1Used progressing cavity pump, 4x6, steel, type CDQ, form AAA00372
Robins MyersA4DUsed progressing cavity pump, 2x4, steel, type CDQ, form 2AAA00342
RoperGear PumpUsed gear pump, 2x2, c/w gear reduction00196
Stork3x3Used centrifugal pump, 3x3, steel, c/w packing00305
Stork3x3Used centrifugal pump, 3x3, steel, c/w packing00306
Stork3x3Used centrifugal pump, 3x3, steel, c/w packing00307
Stork3x3Used centrifugal pump, 3x3, steel, c/w packing00309
Stork3x3Used centrifugal pump, 3x3, steel, c/w packing00402
StorkNU25-10Used centrifugal pump, 4x4, steel, 350 GPM, HD 78', c/w packing00308
Tut Hill Co.225Used gear pump, 4x4, steel, assembly # STIM22525T30V002001, Chicago IL00315
Viking1-1.5/540Used centrifugal pump, 2.5", steel, c/w packing00280
Viking1-1A-540Used centrifugal pump, 1x1.5, 8" impeller diameter, steel, c/w packing00281
Viking1-1A-540Used centrifugal pump, 8" impeller diameter, ductile iron00282
WorthingtonD-1011Used centrifugal pump, 4x6x6, impeller diameter 5.25", design pressure 275 PSI at 100F, c/w mechanical seal00172