About Us

Chad Equipment Ltd is a Western Canadian business actively dealing in used oilfield rigs, triplex pumps and industrial equipment. Since 2002 we have been buying and selling used equipment from our home base in the small town of Neilburg, Saskatchewan. Located in the middle of the western Canadian prairies, a vast agriculture land with rolling hills and boreal forests, beautiful lakes and winding streams, herds of cattle and crops of canola, we are surrounded by ample natural resources. The local economies of many of the towns that dot the landscape have benefitted from the production of oil and gas for many years. Within a few hours’ drive from our location we can access many of the oilfields of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Extending a little further afield we include within our radius southern Manitoba and northern British Columbia. This is where we live and breathe. This is where we work and play. This is our home.


In the early years as a new business, we started out dealing primarily with used reciprocating pumps, engines and compressors from oilfield and industry. As time went on we expanded to focus on many other product lines including workover rigs and pulling units, drilling rigs, drilling mud pumps, pumper trucks, well service reversing pump skids, blow out preventors, mud tanks, dog houses, accumulators, turbines, electric motors etc. Today, we keep a comprehensive inventory of oilwell servicing equipment and more in stock at our location ready for fast shipment to any part of the world.

Over the years with the advent of technology, the world has become smaller. International business is much easier today than it was and with the passage of time a much larger percentage of our business has come from clients outside of Canada. We have shipped hundreds of items to the USA, Mexico, Europe and beyond, having done business in six of the seven continents. It is always a pleasure to connect with new clients from any of the hundreds of countries in the world today. We can serve you in English and Spanish directly, and have the ability to communicate with you in other languages thru translation. We look forward to communicating with you and helping to overcome the challenges of our changing world with a positive attitude.

Please contact us, it would be our pleasure to speak with you. We are real people with real world experience.