Additional Services

After the deal is made…then what?


We know that customers often have additional needs in regards to the equipment that they buy. With that in focus, we also offer after the sale services to our clients. More times than not, we end up assisting buyers with transportation services to their location, customs brokering & exporting, dismantling, containerization, etc. 

With our network of transport and brokering partners we have shipped thousands of items in Canada, to the USA, Mexico and around the world. Going hand in hand with delivery services is the paperwork and documentation of crossing foreign borders. We work closely with customers brokers to assist in completing forms and assigning correct tariff codes to streamline a process that at times can be challenging.

Sometimes items are shipped that are over dimensional and the shipping charges higher than customers would like. Solution? With a little thoughtful planning, some of these items can be partially dismantled to reduce the size to standard dimensions and lower transport costs.

Sea can containers are a handy way of shipping items securely on ocean going vessels. We can assist in loading your cargo inside these durable steel boxes so it makes the journey.

Let us know what you need. We will let you know if we can help.

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